A tool for verifiable zero knowledge analytics computation on Private Data.

KryptonZK solves barriers to Zero Knowledge adoption

Solution 1: Making ZK easy.

KryptonZK makes zero knowledge easy by supporting SQL and Python.

Solution 2: Making ZK fast.

KryptonZK provides instant results using latest data.

Solution 3: Optimising ZK.

KryptonZK uses cryptographic protocols best suited for analytics on big data.

Solution 4: Containerized ZK.

KryptonZK is delivered on docker for any environment. Easily integrate to your data using APIs.

Solution 5: Ready to use ZK.

KryptonZK deployments are ready to be used without needing any specialist skills.

Result: Fast ROI.

Fast deployment for fast ROI, by combining all the solutions that KryptonZK provides.

Want to compute on Private Data?

KryptonZK is designed to integrate with all relational databases and support statistical machine learning. It can serve as single unified solution allowing developers to build services that both protect and harness private data.

Use Cases Include:

Building privacy blockchains in Web3,
Developing solutions in Fintech, Insuretech, Healthtech, and Adtech.

We Built KryptonZK because Zero Knowledge has 3 Major Barriers to Adoption

Barrier 1: Hard to Use.

The tech needs specialist skills.

Barrier 2: It is too Slow.

Takes hours to build ZK apps.

Barrier 3: It is too General Purpose.

Not optimised for Analytics.